Connect to the Spirit Realm with Animystic Spirit Puppets

The ‘Happiness Journey’ part of the ‘Happiness Adventure’ explores our relationships towards our inner selves, our challenges, visions, each other, and the worlds around us. It sets us up for further imaginative or real journeys as part of our Happiness Adventure. It also takes us into the artistry of puppetry and its psychic relation to us. By becoming spirit entities through our avatar puppet being, we can access a higher consciousness, take on a different perspective and speak its truth.

I invite you to sign up for a month’s free membership in my “What’s Happening?” puppet club. The Club will feature an introduction video, a spirit guide toolkit,  thoughts on happiness and art, a puppet making class video, puppet quips videos, improv shows and sessions, puppet interviews and interactive idea discussions.

If you want to explore your inner guidance more through Avatar Shamanic Puppetry, you can sign up for Captain Fantasy’s HAPPINESS JOURNEY. This is a one-on-one relationship with a series of Tresham’s puppets that plays up your sense of well being, sense of humor, imagination, and direction - Puppet Coaching for the Happiness of it All.

Once we enter the Realm of Happy Happy,  we can embark on our respective or collaborative HAPPINESS ADVENTURES challenging ourselves to take on further levels of fun, travel, interaction and co-operation.