Puppet Club


This is a vehicle for interactive fun while gaining in perspective about our goals, dreams, collaborations, causes, and future.  It is our introduction to each other and to the world of Animystic Spirit Puppets and how they open doors to the Spirit Realm.  It is an Exploration Adventure - determining the truth of ideas, opportunities, and situations.

Exploring “Happening” - what is a Happening?  What is happening now?  How well do we really see it?
Exploring Ideas and Creative Solutions
Exploring Creative Significant Fun - what makes it Significant?
Exploring Characterizations of Spirits - what is a Spirit or Spirit Realm?
What inner identities do we have?

The Puppet Club is a place to post puppet Happenings - improvs, videos, quips, and portraits.  I will also be presenting my mystic art work and talismanic jewelry for sale on a piece by piece basis.  We can have discussions about significance, fun, and world transformation.  Here is where I will also announce my current offerings in the world of puppet therapy, Happiness Journeys, and Happiness Adventures.  

It is also a place for learning skills in puppet making, improv, characterizations, movement, humor, staging and videography.  One of my interactive offerings is in story creation - identifying and playing with our inner heroes journey.

This is our format for creative interaction.  I am looking for input on how anyone would like to jam with me on any number of fronts.

Puppet Club Jam Fronts:

How do we see ourselves?
Do we have any common goals?
What is frustrating us?
What are the creative solutions?
What short term and long term projects can we envision?
Topics of puppet improvs
Creating your Fantasy Story