Story Creation

Let Captain Fantasy play along with you creating a fantasy story of your imaginary super heroine’s interesting encounters and creative solutions.  How about forming Story Creation Clubs amongst ourselves where we can share our stories and co-create new ones?  Perhaps live Spirit Story and Puppet events can happen in the future in real time and space.
Imagine that we - you and I - but mostly you - are going out on a fun adventure.  Where are we going?  What are we going to find there - or find out?  What is the goal, the outcome, the framework, the basic premise of the story?  Who are the heroes and what are their special powers, characteristics?  What do they look like? What are they wearing? What are their thoughts, self encounters, and realizations?  How will we go about identifying these things?

What kind of obstacles will they face? Who are the antagonists?  What kind of challenges are there?  How and where can we see the humor in it?  How can we laugh at our own situation?  What kind of dreams do our heroes have?   How to overcome fear, listen to the Great Spirit, and understand the message?  How to communicate this to others?  How are our heroes going to pull it off and achieve a transformed way of being?

Captain Fantasy takes you on a personal inner journey with the help of some imagination and spirit puppets.  But you create the script, and we do some puppet improvs to help bring it to life.  In the process, we have some fun, laughs, insights, some artistry, and a new story to tell.  Probably get some fun video out of the deal too.