Imagine yourself setting out on a journey.  Where would you like to go?  In your fantasy, in your reality?

How would you like to travel?  By imagination, by vehicle?  What kind of vehicle?

What might happen to you on the way?  Do you see it as a dance, a movie?  Who will you encounter; who will be your new friends and how will you befriend them?

What are you bringing with you?  What are your tools?  Any left over baggage?  Do you have an inner compass, resolve, imagination?  What are your skills?

What are you leaving behind?  Hopefully your reluctance, your pre-occupation, your fears, your comfort zone, the way you’ve always done things, and your negative mindset.

What might you discover?  What are the implications of it all?  Where is humor found?  What is your truth, others truth, absolute truth?  What is the value of your desires?  Who is the real you?

How will you get in the flow?  By using creative thinking and solutions, can you do something new, something different?  Can you let go of the past?

What will you do when you get there?  How will you see and appreciate art, humor, beauty?  Can you visualize Spirit Beings and listen to them?  Tell your story?  Collaborate with others?

Can you see yourself as part of the Universe, part of the Great Spirit?  Looking for the Greater Good, recreating innocence, finding inner peace, lighting your inner flame? Join the dance for world peace?