Tresham Gregg Multi-Media Artist

Hello Everyone.  Hope you are all doing well, and are interested in entertaining the idea of a shamanic like journey towards happiness, humor and sense of purpose - through puppetry. What!? You say? Puppets!?  Actually, puppets are an amazing doorway to perception.  You can see through the eyes of spirit beings and start to understand a different perspective on just about anything.

My name is Tresham Gregg, and I would like to be your personal guide on  a journey of transformational activity.  We could call it a “Happiness Journey” that can reconnect you to your inner child, improve your spontaneity, and sense of humor as you encounter and interact with any number of my magical animystic puppets.

I come from a rather unique background - growing up in a small coastal idyllic town in SE Alaska where I had the good fortune to be part of the formation of a Native Dance Group and Native Arts Revival program.  So I learned all about a fabulous alternative culture when I was growing up - including mythological storytelling, masked dance, artistic stylization, costuming and cultural precepts.  Puppets were a peripheral part of their winter ceremonials, but masks and costuming were prevalent.  Most of my artistic career has been involved with masked dance theater - at least till I became interested in puppetry.  

Puppets have now become part of me as each one is a different aspect of myself while being somehow universal or archetypal.  By making puppets and experimenting with them, I have developed one or more fantasy worlds or realms.  

I make puppets of all sorts, some for sale, some for me, and some made to order.  I like to produce puppet shows and do improvs.  Getting here has been a long process and it combines all of my skills in interesting ways.  I also consider myself a student of shamanism, specializing in live shamanic journeying - which means that instead of a drum induced trance, we imagine an alternate reality and engage in it.  

Together we can use puppetry to help us get into the flow, engage with each other and our inner selves, map out a journey to a goal, gain in our sense of humor, start building a basis for happiness and inner peace, as well as get a perspective on our purpose - even if it is just having more fun.  

Fun is the magic ingredient in Happiness.  Happiness is the magic ingredient in success and inner peace.  Art is a magical doorway to inspiration; artistic puppets a doorway to insight while having fun, looking at yourself differently and humorously. Come have fun with Captain Fantasy on your Happiness Journey.