Spirit Beings of All sorts come alive as artistic animystic puppets.  Easy to love hand puppets quickly take on a life of their own in your hands.  Just change your voice and watch what happens.  These spirit beings live in other realms.  Seeing into the realms  comes naturally to Alaskan artist, Tresham Gregg, who grew up on Native legends and culture.  Step with Tresham into a Supernatural Realm to where cryptic Ravens banter about shoulds and shouldn’ts, to where Happiness Critters cavort in Happy Happy and have a tongue in cheek approach to Happiness; to where animal and bird shamans gather in council, to where cosmic heros collide with Supernatural Beings; to where Northern Goddesses dance with Aurora Spirit Dancers.

Join the Supernatural Puppet Club for a way out adventure into the back of your mind through our online puppet interactions.   The pursuit of Happiness becomes a Northwest Supernatural phenomenon as the Happiness Critter hand puppets banter about the ins and outs of Happiness in and out of the Realm of Happy Happy.  Check out our website video vignettes for the current episode of puppet social commentary. Watch our puppet clips and contribute your ideas, questions, and dialog scripting.  Buy a puppet from Tresham or make your own and video your own puppet responses to Tresham’s puppets.  Help bring back the bygone era of our lives where we played with puppets.