What is Puppetry

I like to think of it as an alliance between a spirit being and the dance of influences that make up who we are at this moment in time.  Thus it is, ultimately, a spirit connection revealed through improv and puppet characterization.  

Most everyone thinks of puppets as strictly for children, but that is not the case.  Children these days are too heavily mechanically entertained to see the real artistry and value in puppets.  Some people are actually afraid of them at some level.  Puppets at their best are exploring subtle shades of awareness, different perspectives and personalities, creating humor and innocence, and help us to reconnect to our inner child.  Some children can put up a stubborn resistance to puppets while most adults can easily keep their cool while avoiding them.  Only a small percentage of people can open the doorway to the magical realm of puppets and allow themselves in.  Those that do - especially with Captain Fantasy as your Spirit Guide - can unexpectedly open doors of perception while having a good time being humorous and imaginative.